How Effective are Air Purifiers for Allergies?

air purifiers for allergies

How effective are air purifiers for allergies?

If you have allergies than you have probably been told time and again that there are air purifiers for allergies that will help. If you then went off and bought one and didn’t get any relief, chances are that no one told you how to select an air purifier that would be right for you. While all air purifiers clean the air, what they are cleaning from the air can vary greatly. It isn’t just a matter of using different filters, there are other factors that you should be considering as well when making your selection.

What do you need removed from the air?

You can’t get effective air purifiers for allergies until you identify what you are allergic to in the air. Someone who is allergic to pet dander is going to need a more specialized filter system than someone who is allergic to pollen or dust. Knowing what you need removed from the air is going to help you determine the type, size and method of air purifying used will make a difference. There are also combination air purifiers that cover a lot of the common allergies. You also want to think through whether or not the issue of humidity levels in the air will be important to you.

Does the humidity make a difference?

Some of the best air purifiers for allergies will also have humidifiers built in. The reason for this is that if the air is too dry it will irritate the mucous membranes that line the sinuses and are in the lungs. This can aggravate your symptoms. You can also often choose between cool mist and warm mist humidifiers as well. The warm mist ones can also be combined with additives to help you breathe better if you have a sinus infection, cold or flu. The warm and cool ones can also be used with a variety of aromatherapy treatments as well.

Sizing the air purifier

The same rules for sizing air purifiers for allergies apply as are used for all other types of air purifiers. The units are sized by square footage, not cubic volume. Measure the length and width of the room to find out what size you need. It isn’t always a good idea to go bigger if your allergies are severe. Having a bigger air purifier won’t help you anymore than having one that is sized correctly. You are looking for maximum efficiency which means the volumes should be equal.

Finding out what it needs to stay maintained

Once you purchase any of the air purifiers for allergies you will want to read the manual to find out the maintenance schedule. This will tell you when you should be changing your filters. This is very important for the combination air purifiers because depending on the type of allergy you have you may need to change the filter more often. You should also know that the permanent filter style is just as effective as the filter style, but may cost more upfront.