Air Purifiers For Healthy Breathing

Air Purifiers for Healthy Breathing

Many people use air purifiers for healthy breathing. An air purifier is an electronic device, which helps to remove air-borne pollutants from the air. Environmental scientists suggest that our air indoors is more contaminated than the air on the outside of the house. Thus the popularity of air purifiers has increased dramatically. Air purifiers are very useful to individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma. Particles, that trigger allergies, come in the form of dust, pollen, from pets and mold. It is crucial to purify the air in your home from unfavorable smoke particles and airborne pollutants.

Air can be purified in various ways with the help of an air purifier. Ionizers use electrostatic charges to cleanse the air, while mechanical filters use absorbent elements such as charcoal to rid the air of the contaminants. Other purifiers use UV light as a germicide and emit ions into the air. The ions these purifiers release react with the contaminants in the air rendering them harmless to breathe.

One great benefit of an air purifier cleansing the air of airborne allergens is people who suffer from asthma can potentially experience a decrease in asthma attacks, allowing the asthma sufferer to reduce the amount of medication that they need to ingest.

When selecting an air purifier for your home, a consumer needs to look at several factors. Some of these factors include visual aesthetics of the purifier itself, the amount of noise the unit produces and how often the filter must be replaced.

Some of the different types of air purifiers include:

Basic Home Air Purifier – A basic home air purifier will help to protect your home from pollutants in the air. A basic home air purifier is a perfect solution for asthma sufferers, homes with pets, mold, or other home pollutants such as smoke.

HEPA Air Purifier – HEPA purifiers are some of the best filtration systems for removing contamination in the air. HEPA filters high-grade air filters, which are specially designed to allow the HEPA air purifier to capture 99.7% of particles as small as 0.03 microns!

Ionic Air Purifier – There have been numerous studies that suggest a room with a high concentration of negative ions helps to promote better sleep, and helps to lessen allergies, exhaustion, and other ailments. Ionic air purifiers not only filter out tiny particles in the air such as pollen, dust, or smoke but they also produce negative ions and fill the room to provide the clean air.

Commercial Air Purifiers – Commercial purifiers are manufactured with larger square footage applications and high pollution zones in mind. Commercial purifiers work great in large enclosed areas.

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers – UV light has been shown to break down organic compounds. Using ultraviolet light, UV air purifiers sanitize the air by breaking down bacteria found in the air.

The Clean Air Delivery Rating, or CADR is the standard indicator of how efficient an air purifier is compared to the other air purifiers. The higher the CADR rating is on an air purifier, the better the air purification capability of the machine.

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