Allergic To Your Furry Companion? Best Air Purifier For Pets

Air Purifier for Pets

The Best Air Purifier for Pets

If you are looking for the best air purifier for pets, then choose the most innovative model on the market. Perhaps you have noticed that you are allergic to pet dander. After forging an inseparable bond with your furry companion, you may be facing the brunt of an insufferable allergy, one which threatens the bond between you and your canine or feline. With this said, the most viable solution is to keep your beloved pet, instead of excluding them from your home and exposing them to unwarranted cruelty. The beauty of a specially designed air purifier is that it can eliminate the allergens that trigger your allergies in the first place. That means that you and your pet can remain the close companions that you are, and pet dander will not get in the way of that.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier

When pet dander rears its ugly head, what do you do? There are air purifiers on the market that are specifically designed to trap allergen particles. The best air purifiers on the market comprise innovate technology that targets these harmful properties. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing one of these products, one of the features that you should look for is the three-five layer filtration technology, which is designed to trap these particles, and circulate the air in your home environment. This means that you are less vulnerable to spells of swelling, itching and rashes in the presence of this type of technology. The most commonly used filtration type is the HEPA filter, which can remove small and large particles. Many of these filters can remove between 94% and 99% of air particles. Furthermore, many of these air purifiers can work in up to 750 sq ft of space.

If, however, you are in a smaller living space, then consider a more condensed model designed for 350 sq ft instead. Of course, there are more advanced technologies on the market that ensure that harmful allergens are eliminated. Many of these technologies employ activated carbon technology. Essentially, these purifiers consist of a carbon canister, which enables carbon molecules to attach to pollutants and eliminate them (by making them inert). Not only does this work for carcinogens, but it works for allergens, as well. Other purifiers simply rely on a multi step filtration process, including pre-filtration into a polyester type framework, activated carbon filtration, HEPA filtration, in addition to carbon post-filtration and UV technology as well. The UV technology offers an extra level of safety from harmful particles, and is said to even exterminate bacteria and mold, as well. The best air purifier for pets on the market should have these capabilities.

Still unsure about the viability of this product? Consider that when saliva dries on a cat’s fur, it mixes with pet dander. Many are unaware that cat dander is not the only culprit in indoor pollution. Dried cat saliva, which is disseminated in the form of dried particles, is released into the air, as well. When a combination of dried cat saliva and pet dander are inhaled by home dwellers, it poses the risk of an allergic reaction in some cases. Hence, in addition to purchasing an air purifier, consider making one of your rooms (such as your bedroom) inaccessible to your cat or dog to reduce the occurrence of these reactions. Therefore, stop waiting and buy the best air purifier for pets you can find.