Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Are air purifiers worth it

Are air purifiers worth it?

If you are wondering “are air purifiers worth it?” The answer is a resounding yes; however the type of air purifier you get and what you need it to do is going to determine how “worth it” the purifier will be in your life. There are a lot of reasons to get an air purifier; most people purchases them out of concerns for their health, as a result of allergies, or because they keep pets that need them in order to remain healthy. Are all these benefits hype or so air purifiers really deliver on their promise?

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Why Are Air Purifiers So Popular?

Why Are Air Purifiers So Popular?

Air purifiers are quickly growing in popularity. You may wonder why are air purifiers so popular? The answer is simple. Air purifiers work to clean the indoor air inside your home or office making the air healthier and cleaner for you to breathe. Consumers are quickly realizing that an air purifier transforms their space into a pleasant and healthy place to live.

Many consumers often wonder whether or not they should purchase an air purifier. Are they just a fad or are they actually worth the purchase? Are you one of those consumers? If so, you might be quite surprised; that is because in most cases air purifiers are not just a great buy, but they could also be considered a tremendous deal.

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What is an Air Purifier – What Do Air Purifiers Do

What do Air Purifiers Do?

what do air purifiers doThere is a decent chance that you have heard of air purifiers before, but what do air purifiers do? Do you know exactly what they are and the functions they perform? The benefits of an air purifier are immense for you and your family. Read on to better familiarize yourself with air purifiers and how air purifers work.

Air purifiers are electronic devices that clean the air in the room in which the air purifier is placed. Sometimes they are referred to as an air cleaner. This is because the goal of an air purifier is to clean the air. These devices clean the air by eliminating harmful air pollutants and toxins. By eliminating these pollutants the air becomes cleaner and healthier and that is partially why air purifiers have become so popular over the past several years. They are highly recommended to all households, but households that have people who suffer from allergies or asthma they are more of a necessity. This is because air purifiers work towards eliminating dust particles which are often the cause of such allergies.

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Why You Should Buy a Whole House Air Purifier

Whole House Air Purifier

About Whole House Air Purifier Products

There are a multitude of reasons why you should purchase a whole house air purifier. Of course, not all purifiers are designed to have commensurate abilities, and some purifiers are undoubtedly more advanced than others. With this said, before you make your purchase, there are a few key factors that you should consider. The first issue that you should consider is the number of stages in the filtration system. If your air purifier merely comprises one phase of filtration, the elimination process for odors and microorganisms may not be as thorough in the long run. For this reason, consider an air purifier that grants your home environment several stages of air purification. For instance, some of the best air purifiers on the market comprise a multi-step air purification system. In some cases, a multi-phase purifying system will subject air particles to a pre-filtration phase, a HEPA filtration phase, a carbon filtration phase, and in some cases, an ultraviolet phase that destroys bacteria and mold.

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Tips for Purchasing an Air Purifier

Tips for Purchasing an Air Purifier

We all know that clean air is better for our health. There is a lot of air cleaning products on the market. Hopefully this guide will help you to understand what all of the acronyms mean and will make the selection process of your air purifier easier and most of all you get exactly the features that fit your needs. Below are some tips for purchasing an air purifier.


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that it is the manufacturer of the product and also the provider for replacement parts when the parts in the product need to be replaced. Generic parts may be available on the market, which can save a little bit of money, however the quality of the generic parts can never be guaranteed. When OEM replacement parts are purchased you are assured the same quality and fit as the original parts, because they are the same.

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The Best Air Purifiers for Smokers

Air purifiers for smokers

The Importance of Air Purifiers for Smokers

Air purifiers for smokers are designed to purge cigarette smoke particles, carcinogens and toxins. Tobacco smoke is highly toxic and contains a harsh and dangerous composite of vinyl chloride, arsenic, cadmium, and chromium, among other things. Hence, the successful removal of smoke toxins, gases and odors requires more than an ordinary filter. Air purifiers for smokers contain specially designed filters that every avid smoker needs in their house. Although HEPA filters are highly effective at trapping mold spores and bacteria, tobacco particles are small enough to evade detection. Very few technologies successfully eliminate smoke particles. However, activate carbon technology is believed to possess these capabilities. Activated carbon employs a unique system designed to bind to toxins and pollutants, and extinguish them from the air. By implementing technology, a select few of manufacturers have been able to wage war against tobacco smoke in the home.

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The Best Air Purifiers For Mold

Air purifiers for mold

Why You Need Air Purifiers for Mold

Many home dwellers understand the vital necessity of air purifiers for mold. Mold is a form of fungus that yields unsightly occurrences and odors, generally in moist, warm environments. Just as mold is disgusting aesthetically, so are its implied health risks. When mold proliferates in a home environment, it exposes individuals to dangerous toxins, and often proves problematic for those with respiratory conditions. Common molds include Alternaria. Fusarium, Mucor, and Penicillium. Environments that are warm, dimly lit and moist serve as a breeding ground for these petulant pests. It should be noted that some mold species do not induce severe respiratory symptoms, such as asthmatic reactions. However, individuals who suffer from allergies may develop runny noses and wheezing symptoms once their respiratory systems are compromised by the mold. If this describes you, you should consider purchasing one of the high quality air purifiers for mold on the market.

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How Well Do Air Purifiers Work?

Do air purifiers work

Do Air Purifiers Work? If So, How Well?

The recent explosion in air purifier sales has the world asking, “Do air purifiers work?” In an atmosphere fraught with contaminants and almost every gaseous element on the periodic table, it is no wonder why so many people have opted to change their environments for the better. One of the most touted methods of cleansing the environment is through the use of an air purifier. Of course, one question remains for forlorn skeptics everywhere. Do air purifiers truly work? In order to answer this question, it is important to dispel key myths, regarding what an air purifier can and cannot do.

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How To Find the Best Air Purifiers

Best Air Purifiers

About the Best Air Purifiers

The best air purifiers on the market transcend even the loftiest expectations of everyday consumers. Air purifiers were not exclusively designed to increase air ventilation, or to simply cleanse the environment of foul odors. What they do is far more complex, and essential to human respiratory health. But, before you proceed and read about the most effective air purifiers on the market, it is first important that you understand how to use these devices as effectively as possible.

First, ask yourself why you are using an air purifier in the first place. If it is to eliminate mold spores from the air, place the device in an area that is most susceptible to mold. Furthermore, never rely solely on the air purifier for dusting or ventilation either. It is critical to dust manually, and to open your window occasionally, instead of allowing your purifier to pick up the slack.

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How Effective are Air Purifiers for Allergies?

air purifiers for allergies

How effective are air purifiers for allergies?

If you have allergies than you have probably been told time and again that there are air purifiers for allergies that will help. If you then went off and bought one and didn’t get any relief, chances are that no one told you how to select an air purifier that would be right for you. While all air purifiers clean the air, what they are cleaning from the air can vary greatly. It isn’t just a matter of using different filters, there are other factors that you should be considering as well when making your selection.

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