Are Cheap Air Purifiers Any Good?

cheap air purifiers

Are Cheap Air Purifiers Any Good?

When you start to look around for an air purifier the first thing you will notice is that there is a very wide price range for them. You can find everything from cheap air purifiers to ones that probably cost more than your first car. An air purifier does not have to be expensive to be good; it does have to be capable of cleaning the air in the area you need cleaned and in the way you need it cleaned. Air purifiers are sized by square footage of a room. They will use different types of filters in order to deliver the quality of air that you need.

Types of cheap air purifiers to avoid

There are certain types of purifiers you should avoid. Purifiers that promise to neutralize bad ions in the air have been proven to not be healthy for people or animals. You will also want to stay away from those that incorporate any kind of aromatherapy. While using humidifier with aromatherapy oils makes sense, trying to infuse air with a scent with a machine that is supposed to be designed for cleaning it doesn’t. It also makes sense to stay away from any with “mood lights” or soundscapes; you want a device that does one thing well only.

The filter trap

It has become more and more common for people to shop for a good price on air purifiers before looking at the details and quality of the device. Doing searches on eBay and Amazon by price will provide you with a list of cheap air purifiers, but if you are not careful they could be very expensive in the long term. Auction sites often have great sales on used, cheap air purifiers that seem like a great deal. The reason they are so cheap is that they use 5 or 7 year filters. One of these filters can cost as much as 5 times the price of the air purifier itself. Always make sure that you research the cost of the filter when looking at air purifiers.

Who makes good, affordable air purifiers?

The two big names in affordable air purifiers are Honeywell and Whirlpool. This is not to say that there aren’t other brands that are as good, or even better – but that when it comes to finding parts and filters for the air purifier it is easier to find them for these two major companies as well. One thing that you should avoid is purchasing a used air purifier. Although these can be had at a very good price, you don’t know where they have been used. The last thing that you want to bring into your home is an air purifier that was used in a clinical setting. You don’t know what contagions or allergens were in that environment that still might be attached to a casing. If you shop well, you can find the right air purifier for your needs – and your budget with ease.