Holmes HAP756-U Air Purifier Review – Is it Right for You?

Holmes HAP756-U

If you are one of the many people who suffer from allergies or asthma a great air purifier is undoubtedly a necessary weapon in your daily battle against allergies and asthma. One budget HEPA air purifier that has received quite a bit of praise is the Holmes HAP756-U. Read on as we analyze the good and the bad of this budget HEPA air purifier!

Product Highlights of the Holmes HAP756-U Air Purifier

The Holmes HAP756-U air purifier is packed with design features to improve the air quality in the room in which it is used. It uses a HEPA filter that can remove up to 99.97% of air borne allergens and features an Arm & Hammer filter which helps to remove any funky smells that may be lingering.

There are four different fan speeds on the HAP756-U which offers great flexibility for the user to decide how fast or slow that they want the air purifier to work.

Another awesome feature on the HAP 756-U that is not found on a lot of other models is a sleep timer that can be set to automatically turn off the unit after a period of up to sixteen hours.

The Holmes HAP756-U is designed to work in fairly large rooms, up to 340 square feet per the manufacturer. The unit is a compact design for the square footage it can clean and is claimed to be remarkably quiet at the slower speeds. Holmes asserts that the unit works well to combat pet dander, dust, and pollens among other air borne pollutants which are said to cause a number of ailments for allergy sufferers.

Brand/ModelAmazon Rating 
Holmes HAP756-U4 stars

The reviews for the Holmes HAP756-U are overall very positive. Below are some of the review comments from owners of this air purifier:

“Absolutely no Ozone smell, just clean air!”

“We have owned the Holmes HAP 756-U for over four months now and have had no issues with it.”

“On the high setting, it sounds just like a loud fan, which is not too noisy. We set the purifier at that level at night time.”

Many people were extremely happy with the pre-filter that the Holmes HAP756-U comes equipped with and raved about how much dust was being caught by the pre-filter alone.

Consumers can easily extend the period between replacements of the pre-filter by cleaning the pre-filter with a common household vacuum cleaner. In our home, we clean the pre-filters every couple of weeks when vacuuming the rest of the house and found it has dramatically extended the life of the pre-filters.

Drawbacks of the Holmes HAP756-U

Investigating reviews of this air purifier we found there were two common complaints amongst the consumers of this product. It was noted that the unit can be too loud for some users, particularly on the highest setting. Also, it was noted that the cost of the replacement filters is a little pricey.

In regards to the noise that the purifier emits; this is fairly common with most air purifier models. The unit is pulling air in to run through the filters to purify and is pushing it back out into the room. Typically the best way to overcome this sound is to set the unit at a lower fan speed if the unit is adjustable like this particular model. Some consumers however find the white noise that the air purifier emits to be soothing and commented that it helped them to sleep. Based on our research none of the reviewers felt that the noise the unit makes to be a deal breaker that would prevent them from purchasing this model again.

Replacement filters for this unit being pricey is a problem that a consumer will have with any HEPA filtered air purifier. HEPA filters are king when it comes to air purifiers, but the efficiency of HEPA filters comes with a price.

On this particular model the manufacturer recommended filter replacement interval is 12 to 18 months for the primary HEPA filter and 3 to 6 months for the carbon pre filter.

The HEPA replacement filter for this model is HAPF600-U3. A single replacement filter is usually a little over $20. (List is $23.99 and currently they are about $21.) The filters also come in a package with two replacement HEPA filters. List price on the 2 pack is approximately $40, currently the 2 pack is approximately $27. It definitely saves quite a bit of money to buy the two pack.

The carbon pre-filters for this model are HAPF60-U3. These replacement filters come in a package of four. The cost for the 4 pack of carbon pre-filters is listed at $20. The current price as of the publishing of this article is a touch under $10.

The Bottom Line on the Holmes HAP 756-U

There are definitely a few drawbacks for the Holmes HAP 756-U, however, the unit does have a lot of features not commonly found on other air purifiers in this price range. Purchasers of this air purifier seemed to be satisfied with the quality of the unit, the features it includes and the overall price of the product. The primary negative noted was the price of the replacement filters, however, since Holmes is a common household brand, it is not uncommon to find the replacement filters on sale, making this complaint less of an issue.

The Holmes HAP756-U is a great overall pick for a person in the market for an air purifier and are on a tight budget. The features packed into the Holmes HAP 756-U are hard to find in other air purifiers in this price range.

Not sure if the Holmes HAP756-U is the perfect air purifier for you? Check out our other air purifier reviews to see if there is another model more suitable for your needs.