Finding a Quiet Air Purifier

Quiet Air Purifier

How can I find a quiet air purifier?

Whether you are looking for a unit for your home or office it can be easy to find a quiet air purifier that is the right size and style for you. Air purifiers can help to clean stale air, reduce allergens and improve your overall respiratory health. While many are very quiet, none are without some noise, and that can be a very beneficial thing. The noise they put out is considered a kind of white noise. If you have an air purifier, you won’t also have to get a white noise machine.

Why some noise is a good thing

Some noise is a good thing when it comes to buying an air purifier. Even those rated as the highest quality of quiet air purifier will put out a type of white noise. This particular type of white noise is very good for you. It can help reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help you to sleep at night. While having better air will help you sleep, and can even help to relieve the symptoms of apnea, it is the white noise that is most likely going to relax you most.

Why you don’t want too much noise

While some noise is a good thing you also want a quiet air filter that doesn’t make too much noise. Too much white noise in an environment will interfere with how well you can hear voices. That could be a real bonus if you were engaged in top secret work, but if you are trying to have a conversation on a phone or watch TV it can quickly become a drawback. While almost all purifiers will talk about how noiseless you are, you really need to go to the horse’s mouth to know what that means.

Reading the consumer comments

Make sure that you look up the quiet air purifier you want to buy and take the time to read the actual customer comments. While much has been made about fake reviews, the majority of them are from real people like you. If an air purifier is very noisy, you are going to read about it in the comments. Many people really put an effort into giving you a way to compare the noise level to something – such as comparing it to the level of a normal fan setting.

Making sure you give yourself time to get used to the noise

The last thing you need to know about finding a truly quiet air purifier is that it will take you about 72 hours to get used to the sound no matter how quiet it is. If it is exceptionally noisy and you are not used to it in a few days – then this is the wrong purifier for you. One of the things that usually happens is that people by a purifier and install it only to find themselves getting suddenly very tired. That isn’t from the rush of fresh air; it’s from the soothing white noise of even the quietest purifier’s operation.