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Congratulations on your decision to begin researching the purchase of a new air purifier for your home! Once you have found the perfect system for your home, you will begin breathing easier and the health benefits from having an air purifier in place will be more than excellent! Imagine reducing the harmful dust, pollen, and other airborne toxins and being able to breathe free and clear inside your home! We hope that you find this site not only informative as to information regarding air purifiers, but also a useful tool in helping to make the right decision on your new air purifier system for your home.

Why Should You Use an Air Purifier in Your Home?

Air pollutants can cause numerous health problems for your family. They can cause respiratory ailments such as allergies and asthma especially in children and seniors. Dust, pet dander, smoke particles and mold are common pollutants found in air and it is important that we product our family and loved ones from these harmful pollutants! The good news is that it is relatively easy to protect our loved ones from these pollutants utilizing devices such as air purifiers. Also, as technology has advanced there are many models which feature HEPA technology and are relatively affordable for most households. In a recent study conducted in Canada it was found that HEPA filters reduce cardiovascular health risks associated with air pollution. The researchers found that high efficiency particle air (HEPA) filters reduced the amount of airborne particulate matter, resulting in improved blood vessel health and reductions in blood markers that are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is still widely debated on whether or not air purifiers actually help to minimize allergies when used in the home. Several users report that once they employed an air purifier in their home that they became free from allergy suffering. Though, I have also read some reviews where people have claimed that an air purifier did not improve their allergies dramatically. In my own home my wife and young son both suffer from asthma and I succumb to seasonal allergies as well. In our home we have a large air purifier down stairs and the same model in our master bedroom. We also have a small air purifier in each of our children’s rooms. For us, the air purifiers have helped dramatically. My young son was always visiting the Pediatrician for a respiratory ailment and was regularly using a nebulizer machine to assist in clearing his airways. Since using the air purifiers we have not used the nebulizer machine nor can I remember the last time that he was sick. Coincidence perhaps, maybe it is because he is getting older? I am not sure, but I feel that the air purifiers were definitely something that helped to improve his condition.

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What Should I Look For When Shopping for an Air Purifier?

There are a few industry terms that you should definitely familiarize yourself with when shopping for a home air purifier.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
CADR – Clean Air Delivery Rate
HEPA – High Efficiency Particulate Air
MERV – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value

You can read more about these terms here: Tips for Purchasing an Air Purifier

Other Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier

Performance and Features

Performance is definitely something to highly consider when purchasing an air purifier for the home. Obviously there is a wide range of different price points from low end purifiers to very high end units. Each air purifier will have an assortment of different features. Some cheaper models have just an on off switch; while others will have fan speed knobs, dirty filter indication lights, and carbon filter which help to eliminate odors in the air.

Some important features to consider:

HEPA Grade Filtration:

HEPA filters are designed to remove air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. They are found in many air purifiers available to consumers. HEPA filters work extremely well and have been proven to be safe and effective.

How Often a Filter Should be Replaced

Speaking of filters, it is also important to consider how often the filter needs to be replaced. A bargain air purifier can quickly become not much of a bargain if you find that the filters have to be replaced extremely often and that the filters cost nearly as much as a new purifier! More on this topic can be found here: High End Air Filters or Cheaper Air Filters – What May Seem Best for Your Wallet, May Not Be!

Size of the Room to be Purified

Purchasing an air purifier that is the incorrect size is probably one of the biggest mistakes that many consumers make. Some air purifiers are designed to be used in small rooms that are about 100 square feet (about the size of a typical college dormitory) while other purifiers are designed to be used in rooms 3 or 4 times that size. If a small tabletop purifier is purchased to be used in a very large room, it is not likely that it will work very effectively at cleansing the air and the benefits probably won’t be noticed.

Air Purifier Noise

Most air purifiers produce some level of noise. As the air is being pulled into the unit to be purified and then is being pushed out into the room a white noise is produced. Some air purifiers are louder than others. If you are sensitive to noise, it is important to read through reviews to determine if others have complained about the noise a unit makes. Do not rely on the fact that a manufacturer has labeled an air purifier as “quiet” as being the clear indication that it will provider whisper quiet cleaning.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are used in air purifiers to help eliminate odors in the air. Carbon filters can be found in many purifier models and are often used as a “pre-filter.” Since carbon filters are great at removing foul odors in the air, they are highly recommended for consumers with pets or have household members who smoke. It is important to note that carbon filters do wear out over time and have to be replaced regularly for optimum performance. However, the costs of the carbon filters are typically nominal.


Pre-filters are utilized in air purifiers to extend the life of the main filter in the air purifier unit. The main filter in an air purifier unit, especially true HEPA filters, can be very expensive when replacement is required, so by using a pre filter there is a significant cost savings. Pre-filters are either washed or replaced and the cost when replacing is needed is usually very affordable.

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Read Reviews of Others

Reading reviews is probably the most important step when making just about any purchase. With the incredible growth of the internet the ability to find someone who has “been there, done that” is nearly limitless. Before purchasing your air purifier it is important to read through the reviews of other consumers on a site like Amazon to determine if a particular model has all of the features that you need to be satisfied with your purchase. With Air Purifiers HQ I have created a resource where you can become an informed customer and have a background on what the different features do and know what the various terminologies is in the industry; and also read reviews about various models! The various comparisons of air purifier brands and reviews of each model can be found below:

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