Air Purifier Odor

Air Purifier Odor

How bad can an air purifier odor be?

If you have been thinking of getting an air purifier you may be holding back because of some of the reports you have read about an off air purifier odor that can sometimes occur. You really shouldn’t be too worried. There are a few reasons why an air purifier can smell, none of them mean that the purifier shouldn’t be used and there are some quick fixes that will remove any air purifier odor from your air easily.

What’s that smell?

The air purifier odor that you may smell can be coming from one of two things, it could be a normal smell that signals that extensive cleaning is needed, but if you have an ionizing air purifier, that odor could be ozone gas that you smell and that is not a good thing. While ionizing purifiers were one thought to be very good for people, the byproduct ozone gas that they put out (that creates a distinct air purifier odor) have been found not to be very good for you at all. When you are exposed to it for too long it can damage your sense of smell. When that happens your sensitivity to pollen and other allergens can increase, making that air purifier a part of your problem – not a part of the solution.

Is there anything that can be done about the smell?

Most of the times that you can detect an air purifier odor it means that a problem is just beginning and that it can be easily fixed. The first thing you have to know is whether or not you have an ionizing air purifier or not. If you do have an ionizing purifier and there is an odor it means that the ionizer has lived out is helpful lifespan, even though it is still functioning. If you have a normal air purifier, then you can follow the steps listed later to get rid of the odor.

Quick fixes for ionizing air purifiers

For ionizing purifiers you should be able to turn off the ion option. Almost all of them are made with an on and odd switch to trigger the ionizer. Once the ionizer is turned off you should wash the vents with vinegar and water. Do not use the ionizer again. There are gasses still trapped within it that will come out to create the odor if you try to use it.

Quick fixes for other types of air purifiers

If you have a normal air purifier, or an air purifier and humidifier combination device, that odor is the result of the purifier filter and vents needing to be cleaned. Follow the directions for replacing your filters and only use HEPA filters when you put in the new one. If you have a permanent filter, follow the instructions to remove and clean them. Before you install the filter, wipe the inside down with some vinegar and water to disinfect it. If you have a humidifier, run one gallon of water mixed with half a cup of vinegar through it to clean it too.