Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Are air purifiers worth it

Are air purifiers worth it?

If you are wondering “are air purifiers worth it?” The answer is a resounding yes; however the type of air purifier you get and what you need it to do is going to determine how “worth it” the purifier will be in your life. There are a lot of reasons to get an air purifier; most people purchases them out of concerns for their health, as a result of allergies, or because they keep pets that need them in order to remain healthy. Are all these benefits hype or so air purifiers really deliver on their promise?

Are air purifiers worth it for health benefits?

There are two ideas behind the health benefits of air purifiers. The first is that in creating places to live and work that are fuel efficient and energy efficient, we have created boxes that trap allergens and lack fresh air. Old air has a higher level on CO2 in it and less oxygen than we need. This can lead to increased exhaustion and general feelings of malaise. Also, without a consistent air flow and influx of fresh air, old air that gathers pollen dust and allergens can make conditions worse; it can even cause serious respiratory ailments. This isn’t just something that people assume about air purifiers, scientific studies have locked at the question of “are air purifiers worth it?” The end result of multi-million dollar studies is that they very much are.

How can you tell if the cost of air purifiers are worth it?

The most expensive air purifier isn’t always the best. What will determine the best air purifier for you is how well it rates in cleaning the air of the specific allergens that concern you. Some of the air purifiers will also combined humidifiers as well. This can be very important for people who have respiratory ailments. The rest of what will determine if an air filter will be worth the cost to you will be the types of filters you need and how often they have to be changed.

How much maintenance is involved?

In general, most air purifiers are easy to maintain. They may need to have their filters changed every three months to three years. Some of them have what are known as “permanent filters.” These eliminate the additional cost of filters, but you will have to clean the filter by hand. If your air purifier also has a humidifier than you will also have to service that. None of the service methods needed for the filters or humidifiers is intensive. Most of them only require a filter change or that you vacuum the permanent filter.

Why does my cheap air purifier need a $300 filter?

There is one thing that can catch you off guard. That is buying a cheap air filter only to discover it uses a $300 filter. Filters can get to be very expensive depending on the type of filter they are and when you have to change them. If your filter costs hundreds of dollars, chances are you only have to change it once every 5 years.