How To Find the Best Air Purifiers

Best Air Purifiers

About the Best Air Purifiers

The best air purifiers on the market transcend even the loftiest expectations of everyday consumers. Air purifiers were not exclusively designed to increase air ventilation, or to simply cleanse the environment of foul odors. What they do is far more complex, and essential to human respiratory health. But, before you proceed and read about the most effective air purifiers on the market, it is first important that you understand how to use these devices as effectively as possible.

First, ask yourself why you are using an air purifier in the first place. If it is to eliminate mold spores from the air, place the device in an area that is most susceptible to mold. Furthermore, never rely solely on the air purifier for dusting or ventilation either. It is critical to dust manually, and to open your window occasionally, instead of allowing your purifier to pick up the slack.

The Best Air Purifiers

So, what is the number 1 air purifier on the market today? The Austin Air Allergy Machine is an air purifier that has made its way to number 1, and it contains a very special feature, known as the HEPA filter. This filter is designed to trap airborne microbes, and it can trap microorganisms at approximately .3 microns. Another excellent feature of this product includes its High Efficiency Gas Absorber, which rids the environment of mold spores, dander, as well as gases and smoke. The end result is a cleaner, atmospheric environment.

If you are especially concerned about the filtration of mold spores in your home environment then consider purchasing the IQAir® HealthPro Plus air purifier. The reason it screens out mold so effectively is because it is designed to capture tiny particles. Essentially, it can trap particles that are at least .3 microns, which is incredibly small, and it can trap 99.95% of all air particles. It you require extra protection against airborne pollutants, then consider the AllerAir 6000 series air purifier, which contains both HEPA filters, and antimicrobial filters. This air purifier is especially effective for those who wish to trap and extinguish mold, bacteria and gases.

But which air purifier can afford you with the best possible air filtration technology? The NQ Clarifier is designed to give your house a thorough, 5 stage filtration process, designed to eliminate as many pollutants, contaminants and microbes as possible. When your home is exposed to the NQ Clarifier powerfully engineered system, it undergoes the following five stages: pre-filtration system composed of polyester, HEPA filter, carbon filter, carbon post-filter, and UV lamps designed to obliterate microorganisms circulating the air. This state of the art device is so advanced that it is akin the purifiers used in hospitals, in terms of protecting you from bacteria, mold, odors and spores.

Of course, mold is a serious issue, and even the most advanced purifiers may not be able to protect you alone. For this reason, you should vacuum and use humidity gauges to control your home environment. Mold tends to flourish in humid and damp environments. Hence, you need the best air purifiers on the market to curb the growth of mold.