Best Whirlpool Air Purifiers

Best Whirlpool Air Purifiers

How to select the best Whirlpool air purifiers

Whirlpool is known for their high quality kitchen and home appliances, and they also make a series of industrial and medical appliances as well. One of the appliances they make that scores high with consumers is their line of industrial and home air purifiers. No matter what size room you need to clean the air of, they have the right purifier for the job.

Whirlpool air purifiers – The 510 Series

The 510 Series includes all of the Whirlpool models in the 500 series line. These are intense air purifiers that are up to being used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. If you have allergies, these are the best Whirlpool air purifiers for your home. They are noisier than the other models, but you will quickly become accustom to the sound. The difference the 510 Series will make in the quality of your air, and your health, is more than worth it.

Whirlpool air purifiers – The Whispure Series

The Whispure series is Whirlpool’s most popular home air purifier. As the name implies these air purifiers are designed to be extra quiet when operating. They are available in a wide range of sizes and in filter styles as well. You can get HEPA to permanent filters, combination allergen filters and general filters as well. Most of the Whispure models use a double filter system with a pre-filter.

Whirlpool air purifiers – The APT models

The APT models are sized exactly like you would think they would be if you read those call numbers as the abbreviation for “apartment.” These are their desktop, tabletop and cubicle sized air purifier models. These are excellent in helping improve your overall air quality but they are not heavy duty allergen removers. These are good if you are looking for fresher air and to avoid catching your co-worker’s cold.

How to size your air purifier

Sizing your air purifier is simple. Air purifiers are designed to circulate a specific volume of air, which is measured in cubic feet. You don’t have to go retake 9th grade math to figure out how to calculate that – because most of the ceiling heights in our homes and buildings are standardized. This is why Whirlpool only needs to list the square footage that a device will service on its specifications. All you need to do is measure the length and width of the room, multiply it together to find out what size your air purifier should be.

Using only the correct filters

The best Whirlpool air purifiers use Whirlpool filters designed for each specific model. These filters can be costly, which means that the temptation to use a universal filter is high. You should remember that the reason that these air purifiers are considered to be the best is that they are designed to work with a specific filter system. You have no idea if your universal filter will be of the quality that your Whirlpool model needs. It may fit and you may save money, but your air purifier may also work much less efficiently.

Whirlpool Air PurifiersProduct DimensionsPriceRating 
Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner, AP51030K12.3 x 22.1 x 27.2 inches$$$4.5 stars
Whirlpool AP25030K Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner12.5 x 16.3 x 22.8 inches$$4 stars
Whirlpool AP45030K Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner13.4 x 19.6 x 25.6 inches$$4.5 stars
Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier, APT40010R11.4 x 22.5 x 30.9 inches$4 stars