High End Air Filters or Cheaper Air Filters – What May Seem Best for Your Wallet, May Not Be!

High End Air Filters or Cheaper Air Filters

High end air filters or cheaper air filters is a major decision!

If you are in the market for an air purifier to clean up the air in your home, it is very important that you not only examine the air purifier itself, but also the replacement filter. The decision between systems that uses high end air filters or cheaper air filtersis a major decision! Some air purifiers have cheap, disposable, air filters, which should be replaced many times during a year. Others the replacement interval is much less. Still others, you take out, clean, and replace. As you can see, this decision should be a major driving force in what air purifier you choose. Even though the cheaper air purifier may seem more budget friendly in the beginning, the costs can quickly rack up when you are replacing the cheaper air filter many times per year. It comes down to spending a little money up front and a lot more money later, or a bit more money up front but less money down the road.

In addition to the costs related to high end air filters or cheaper air filters, the filtering ability of the two should also be considered. Air purifiers clean the air in your home removing harmful particles and air borne toxins from sources such as dust, pets, or second hand smoke. While the cheaper quality air filters work to reduce some of these particles, they may not be producing optimal results. With some of the cheaper filters certain particles can pass through the air purifier and re-enter the air in your home, effectively not allowing the air purifier to do the job in which it was purchased to accomplish. This is yet another reason that it is important to invest in a quality air purifier up front that utilizes high end air filter replacements.

Even though we all love to save money when making major purchases such as a home air purifier it is important to consider that we get what we pay for. Air purifiers that use the high end filters do definitely cost more money up front and the replacement filters also cost more money, but they are definitely worth it. You will be replacing the more expensive air filters less often, and they will be removing more harmful particles from the air in your home, something you want most from employing an air purifier system in your home! It is not worth it putting your health at risk to save a couple bucks! A trip to the doctor or Emergency Room definitely will overshadow any savings on the cheaper air filter system!

Even though the initial investment of a high end home air purifier and filter system can be daunting, when considering the points above you should be able to weigh the pros and cons and see that in the long run it will be worth the investment. We definitely recommend to shop around, as many times you will be able to obtain a very high end air purifier system from an online retailer such as Amazon for a much better price than you will find in many big box department stores.

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