How Do I Tell What Size Small Air Purifier I Need?

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How Do I Tell What Size Small Air Purifier I Need?

Sometimes all you really need is a small air purifier to clean up the environment you are in. Even in a cubicle with open walls and ceilings, a purifier can be effective if you keep it near your main sitting area.

Measuring the room

While a small air purifier really works based on the cubic volume of air in a room, the manufacturers had pity on the average consumer and made it easy to measure the room by its square footage to size a standard style purifier. Just measure the length of the room by its width, multiply the two numbers together and you will have the square footage.

Thinking about the type of air

The type of air a room has is going to determine what type of small air purifier you need. Air can be dirty because there are a lot of drafts and doors that let in dust and pollen from the outside. It can be dirty because there is poor ventilation and the dust remains in the air in the room. Each of these will require a different type of filter to properly clean. To decide what type of air you have is easy, if you have more than one door then your problem is most likely dust. If you have doors and windows then it will be pollen and dirt/dust. If there are any animals present then you also want a purifier that will clean out pet dander as well.

Considering the placement

The placement of your small air purifier is the most important part of making sure that it will work well for you. While many people are attracted to the size because they imagine being able to tuck it away so it can’t be seen, all air purifiers have to have free air flow on all sides to make sure that they work properly. Don’t wedge them in corners or place them so one side is against the wall. Plan ahead for an area where they can be at least 2 feet away from any object. You also want them lower to the ground then high on a shelf for maximum air circulation.

Making sure you have the right supplies

You will need more than just the right filters for the small air purifier that you select. You also need to make sure you get all of the filters needed. Some air purifiers use a type of double filter system that includes something called a pre-filter. Check the specifications for the model you have purchased to know what you need. You can also find purifiers that have permanent filters. These will need to be removed and vacuumed to be cleaned every so often. What you really need to make sure that you don’t forget is an extension cord if you won’t be placing your purifier near an outlet. You would be surprised how many people buy a purifier and then have to wait to plug it in until they can go out and get an extension cord.