The Best Air Purifiers for Smokers

Air purifiers for smokers

The Importance of Air Purifiers for Smokers

Air purifiers for smokers are designed to purge cigarette smoke particles, carcinogens and toxins. Tobacco smoke is highly toxic and contains a harsh and dangerous composite of vinyl chloride, arsenic, cadmium, and chromium, among other things. Hence, the successful removal of smoke toxins, gases and odors requires more than an ordinary filter. Air purifiers for smokers contain specially designed filters that every avid smoker needs in their house. Although HEPA filters are highly effective at trapping mold spores and bacteria, tobacco particles are small enough to evade detection. Very few technologies successfully eliminate smoke particles. However, activate carbon technology is believed to possess these capabilities. Activated carbon employs a unique system designed to bind to toxins and pollutants, and extinguish them from the air. By implementing technology, a select few of manufacturers have been able to wage war against tobacco smoke in the home.

Quality Smokers’ Air Purifiers

In order to fulfill the criteria for an effective smoke purifier, a device must employ a number of different technologies. Generally, these features include chemical filtration, durability, particle filtration, etc. Furthermore, many such products contain activated carbon canisters, as well. It is the structural makeup of carbon canisters that allows them to eliminate tobacco smoke from the home. In each canister, there is a fusion of bituminous coal-based activated carbon, along with impregnated alumina. The alumina mitigates the effects of tobacco smoke carcinogens by oxidizing them. This actuates the oxidation process by using potassium permanganate. Once the oxidation process occurs, the smoke carcinogens become inactive. Many of these devices protect homes from odors for up to two years, using porous carbon. Therefore, these air purifiers are worth the investment.

The more advanced smoke filters on the market enable you to regulate the schedule of the purifier, select the appropriate speed, and monitor the filter in real time. Every advanced smoke filter on the market should subject smoke particles to a rigorous filtration process. However, state of the art air smoke purifiers go through concerted efforts to protect the home environment from tobacco particles. Some purifiers, for instance, have a HEPA filter, and they fuse the power of activated carbon with zeolite and potassium iodide to do their job. The potassium iodide captures smoke odors and oxidizes tobacco chemicals. With these decided advantages, your purifier can take the smoke carcinogen elimination process to another level.

The better the quality of the product is, the longer the filter life will be. Furthermore, a high quality filter can prevent large particles from clogging the HEPA filter. Many consumers have developed a preference for quiet operation and heavy carbon beds, which are cornerstones of an effective smoke particulate removal device. These models have optimal airflow and they can work in fairly large spaces, as well. Because many of the advanced models function quietly, they are perfect for bedrooms. The heavier and thicker the carbon filter is, ultimately, the more powerful the air purifiers for smokers are at destroying carcinogens.

If you are a smoker, the best way to reduce smoke odors in your home is to stop smoking in your home altogether. However, if this is not a feasible option for you, choose an air purifier model that employs all of the above listed technologies, including the activated carbon, thick filter, multi-phase filtration process, etc. Air purifiers for smokers are certainly a viable investment.